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Childhood Obesity: The Health Issue

  • by Jungle Magic

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10 million is the number of children in India that are diagnosed with childhood obesity every year and is said to be increasing with each passing year. Childhood obesity is a condition where in a child is overweight for their his/ her gender, age and height. Most of this overweight is increased percentage of fat in the body and is considered very unhealthy given that it can cause serious health issues for the child in addition to psychological issues that can have a huge impact on the child�s well being.

Physical issues: Childhood obesity increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular problems in children. As high as 70 percent of obese children are very highly likely to have a cardiovascular disease. Childhood obesity can lead to other health problems like strokes, several types of cancer and osteoarthritis to name a few. Obese children tend to have low staminas and get tired very soon due to exhaustion.

Psychological issues: Over weight children tend to develop lower self esteems and a generally unhealthy self image. In addition to it, it is noted that overweight children are often easy targets to being bullied, which again causes added stress in kids. Stress in turn causes unhealthy eating habits adding to the obesity problems. Overweight children usually deal with low self esteem and get into unhealthy diet practices due to peer pressure other societal norms.

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in India where in its future generation are living a very unhealthy life from nearly age. As the future generations of a country these kids should behaving a healthy fit life to be able to make the most of their abilities and capacities. To remove the psychological stress and stigma associated with the word obese, the term overweight is being brought into use.

Childhood obesity is easy to diagnose and treat with the proper guidance and support. As parents we should know that obesity affects not just the physical body but the mind too. While supporting kids to live a healthier and fitter life and shed the extra weight, one should take care of their psychological health and let them know that they are loved and accepted for who they are and not for how much they weigh. Psychological support is very important for obese children who will otherwise grow up with low self esteem.

Simply put, the solution to childhood obesity is problem that can easily be solved with a little support and care.

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