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Common Allergies in Kids to Watch out For

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The country has seen an increasing number of children diagnosed with allergies to something or another. In some cases children are seen to have allergies from the most common of things and allergies form multiple things. Before we get into the most common allergies for kids, let us understand as to what an allergy is.

An allergy is the body's immune system overreacting to something that is usually harmless to the body. The body reacts to this substance the way it would to an infection. The body will fight against the allergen and causes what we know as the symptoms of allergy. In some cases these symptoms can be life threatening if not treated in time. Allergies usually affect the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin and the gastrointestinal tract.

Lets take a look at some of the most common allergens in kids.

1.Dust mites: These are small insects that feed on the skin that we shed. These are most commonly found in the bedding, sofa, carpets and pillows in the house.

2.Pollen: This is usually a seasonal allergy that occurs when the pollen count in the air increases with changing season.Pollen from trees,plans, flowers, grass etc can cause allergies.

3.Moulds: These are microscopic fungi that grow in humid and damp areas both indoors and outdoors. Within the house it is usually poorly ventilated areas like the closets, kitchen and bathroom that house moulds.

4.Pets: Kids are not directly allergic to pets, but rather to the proteins found in the dander, saliva and urine. Its best to keep your pets clean and clean up after them regularly to avoid allergy instances.

5.Cow milk: The allergy is usually to proteins found in the milk and happens to babies a few months old. Kids usually outgrow the allergy as they grow up.

6.Eggs: Again allergy to eggs is common in kids and they tend to outgrow it with age. Stay cautious about eggs being used in the food items till the time the kids have outgrown the allergy.

7.Fish and shellfish: Some of the most common allergies in kids and adults alike. While kids may be allergic to a type of shellfish, it doesn't mean that they are allergic to other types as well. Kids do not outgrow these allergies.

8.Peanuts and tree nuts: Again these are common allergies which sadly kids do not outgrow as they age.

9.Soy: Kids and infants with allergies to cow milk are usually allergic to soy too. Read labels carefully before purchasing packed food since soy may sneak in within the ingredients.

10.Insect: Bites from insects like bees, wasps and mosquitoes are known to have allergic reactions in kids. Keep an eye out for insect bites when kids are out playing.

11.Medicines: Antibiotics are the most common allergens. However kids may be allergic to many over the counter drugs that do not require a prescriptions.

12.Chemicals: Kids may be allergic to ingredients in the dyes, household cleaners, detergent powders, etc. The only way out is to use products without the allergen chemicals to avoid allergy situations.

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