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Promoting Optimal Health and Development in Children

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1.Eat Right: A good healthy diet is a must all growing children. Maintaining a healthy balance of all the required nutrients for a growing child is a must. A healthy clean diet will keep your child protected from must diseases by providing them a good strong immunity and healthy body. Get creative and find ways to make healthy eating a habit for your child from the early days to ensure that the habit stays with them for a life time. This is one habit that will give its dividends in both the long and short term.

2.Stay Hydrated: This is one simple but very effective way to ensure that your children grow up to be healthy. 70% of their bodies is made up of water and a certain level needs to be maintained for a healthy functioning body. Depending on the season, ensure that your child gets enough fluids. Water, coconut water, butter milk, milk, fruit juices ,sugarcane juice,soups etc are all good and healthy for your children according to the right season. A hydrated body is a basic necessity so make sure you have enough bottles of water in the house for the kids to drink from.

3.Hygiene matters: Basic hygiene like cleanliness in the house and personal hygiene observed by both the children and parents alike will prevent many instances of your child falling sick. Hand washing at appropriate times, showering twice a day, oral hygiene and keeping the house an kitchen clean are habits that will go a long way to ensure a healthy childhood and adulthood for your chid.

4.Gets your shots right: Its important to get your child to get all the prescribed vaccinations. Missing out on vaccinations can have a huge impact on your child's health and life. Infections like polio, hepatitis, measles etc can have life altering implications. Its best to listen to the wise doctor and get your shots right and get them right on time. Vaccination shots are short term investments for long term dividends for your child's healthy life and development.

5.Get some sun: Children should be exposed to early morning sunlight to maintain healthy levels of vitamin d in the body. Sunlight is the only way your child will have adequate vitamin D in their body. Lack of vitamin D will lead to rickets meaning soft and weekend bones. This may alter and hamper the body development of your child in the early growing years in a bad way.

6.Pay attention: Be attentive to your child. This will be a lotto help to deal with both physical and behavioural problems in children. Being attentive to your child will help catch problems both physical and behavioural quite early on so it can be treated and corrected. Staying attentive will let you know if your child's body and mind are developing at the correct rate. If not you will be able to provide the required help and care to set things right.

Simple things that have a huge impact on your child's health and development should be taken seriously. It s the small things that matter.

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